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Hello Bucko World:

I had the serendipitous good fortune of having met Dale at a July 4th party in 2021 through a mutual friend. Like any good romance story, er, friendship, our eyes locked from across the room. In a short while, I discovered that he was originally from Wisconsin and loved sports -- especially baseball. I also learned that he was looking to restart his dormant softball career and, as luck would have it, I happened to run a softball team. A few months later, we were playing together but little did I know of Dale’s entrepreneurship. After delving into a few career-oriented discussions that had a common theme -- my dormant writing skill set -- it was mutually decided that now is the time to join forces and put that ability into use by becoming a regular contributor to Bucky’s Blog. 

Unlike Dale, I’ve spent my entire life in one state (grown up and still reside in Orange County, CA) while also having failed spectacularly as a baseball player and musician (see: Regrets & Brunettes). I love to be a boorish, high art snob about books, movies and music but am happy to be proven wholly wrong. I’m a father to a pre-teen daughter who, let’s face it, doesn’t think I’m cool (nor should I be -- parenting is not meant to be cool). I’ll pour over baseball players and teams, still obsessed with the game that was most dear to my late father’s heart. I root for my hometown team, the Los Angeles Angels, even though they are based in Anaheim, and am a devoted follower of the Portland Trail Blazers (my father’s hometown). I became a fan of boba later in life (hence we do carry boba straws as well), so a good matcha or almond milk tea will always be satisfying. 

Now you stalwart readers will have the opportunity to read through two voices: Dale’s and mine. We’re going to keep things fresh (literally and figuratively), perhaps a bit more sassy than you’ve been accustomed to, but all to inform and entertain. Along the way, I’m sure I’ll make some mistakes but it’ll all be in service to espouse the virtues of cleanliness while forging a mutual connection with you, our dear reader.


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