Sales Tax Exemption For Straws and Utensils - California Based Businesses

If you're a state of California based business, you could save money on sales tax on PandaBoard disposable straws and utensils. If you're buying these items for your customers to use, you can issue us a resale certificate and avoid paying sales tax on your purchase.

According to California Publication 103, items such as PandaBoard Bamboo Fiber straws and utensils qualify for a resale certificate. This could save you at 7%-10% of your order since the tax rate in California can be as high as 7.25% plus extra district taxes.

It's easy to get a resale certificate – just fill out the CDTFA-230 General Resale Certificate or equivalent and send it to us at We'll then update your account so you aren't charged sales tax on PandaBoard products.