Why is it called a “cocktail”?

Why is it called a “cocktail”?

Ever wonder how "cocktail" got its name? It's a fascinating mix of history and folklore. According to TASTE Cocktails, a few theories stand out:

French Eggcup Theory: In 18th-century New Orleans, a pharmacist might have served mixed drinks in French eggcups, called "coquetier," possibly leading to the word "cocktail."

Taverns' Last Drops: The term "cock tailings" was used for the mixture of leftovers from liquor barrels in taverns, which might have inspired the name.

Equestrian Link: The term also referred to horses with docked tails. These lively "cock tails" could have influenced the spirited nature of the drink.

By 1806, "cocktail" was officially a mixed drink with spirits, sugar, water, and bitters. This rich history mirrors our approach at PandaBoard, where we blend tradition with eco-consciousness. Our PandaBoard cocktail straws are a nod to this legacy, offering a sustainable way to enjoy your favorite drinks. Join us in celebrating the past while protecting our planet's future with these eco-friendly straws. Cheers to history and sustainability! 🍹🌿

For more intriguing stories on the origin of 'cocktail,' check out the detailed exploration by Where does the word cocktail actually come from? from TASTE Cocktails. 

For your own cocktails, we have two types of PandaBoard short cocktail straws: skinny and regular diameter. 


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