Turning PandaBoard Straws into Stunning Himmeli Art

Turning PandaBoard Straws into Stunning Himmeli Art

Today, we would like to spotlight Amee Beckner, who found a unique and artistic use for our PandaBoard straws. Amee teaches free adult craft classes at a small rural library, and was looking for building blocks for her Himmeli craft class. Himmeli is a Finnish art form of symmetrical mobiles made out of straws, and they can be very ornate and hung above the dinner table during the holidays.

Amee was looking for straws that were sustainable but strong enough for crafting, and long, skinny and paintable. PandaBoard bamboo fiber straws fit the bill! Check out some of her amazing work:



We’re thrilled to support Amee in her new venture teaching classes at her store, Magpie’s Treasures, located in the Eclectic Goods market in Dunbar, WV. You can follow her journey and check out her incredible work on Instagram @onehappymagpie  and Facebook at Magpie's Treasures.

Found a unique way to use our straws in your projects? We're eager to hear your stories and share your pictures! Contact us here.

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