Toilet Paper Mystery

Toilet Paper Mystery

We're plunging into an unexpectedly fascinating subject – the design of your everyday toilet paper. Have you ever been irked by an incomplete tear when reaching for a square? It may be number 2 on your list, but my former colleagues at Charmin take it pretty seriously, leading to an innovative redesign of their toilet paper.



We get an inside look at this everyday dilemma in the article "How I Got to the Bottom of a Vexing Toilet Paper Mystery" by Dan Kois in Slate. Kois wondered out loud about Charmin's new wavy, scalloped edge design. It turns out it’s not just for aesthetic pleasure, but as a functional solution to the age-old problem of the incomplete tear. The article flushes out the details of how and why this change came about, revealing the intricate thought process behind a product we all take for granted. Unless, of course, there’s a random shortage due to unrelated world events.

Elegant and simple product design? That’s something we can get behind…

(We’re on a roll with our puns today!)

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