Giannis & Humble Greatness

For longtime Bucky’s Blog readers, you’re well aware of founder Dale Ting’s Wisconsin-based roots and his fanaticism for everything and all Milwaukee professional sports teams: notably, the Bucks (NBA), Brewers (MLB) and Packers (NFL). And as Dale has spoken about, with unabashed fervor for the Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo, we’re reminded here at The Bucko Store of one of our three core values: Humble Greatness.

In this clip, Giannis is asked if he felt the season a failure because of the Bucks’ elimination from the NBA Playoffs. To which he responds that he does not consider the season a failure because one is always working towards something. That there are steps to take to reach a person’s goal. He even goes so far as to ask the questioner, in a non-antagonistic (and humble) way, about whether he would consider himself a failure if he did not receive a promotion every year in his line of work. And how did the questioner respond? Well, you saw for yourself.

And to further illustrate the humility of Giannis, he mentions in this video, that despite his otherworldly skills, he still cannot make three-pointers. And how, he cannot have everything in life -- including good looks.

As an athlete of Giannis’ stature, with his fame, success, and professional accomplishments, he’s still talking about self-improvement, work ethic and how he can’t be everything. He understands that success doesn’t guarantee another MVP, another championship or that by relying on talent and skill, that his game will somehow improve. He knows that to truly be great, he needs to constantly (and consistently) hone his craft.

And that’s what we do with The Bucko: we never take for granted our customers’ loyalty; we remain focused on ways to make our product a little bit better each and every day, and create a better customer service experience instead of exaggerating claims. 

Now y’all go out there and be humbly great!

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