CosMc's: McDonald's Unexpected Leap into Café Culture

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Did you know that McDonald's is opening a concept called CosMc's? CosMc's is McDonald’s answer to Starbucks, with a range of modern, customizable drinks, merging the familiar McDonald's touch with new-age café vibes. CosMc’s is debuting in Bolingbrook, Illinois. It's a noticeable shift for a brand deeply rooted in fast food.

The CosMc's menu invites personalization, much like the guy in front of you ordering a Grande Iced Half-Caff Ristretto Quad Shot, Two Pumps of Classic Syrup, One Pump of Vanilla, Light Ice, Extra Cream, in a Venti Cup at Starbucks. CosMc’s has Sour Cherry Energy Slush, S'mores Cold Brew, with the option to add a personal twist to your drink with extras like popping boba or flavor shots. It also has food options like Spicy Queso Sandwiches and a Creamy Avocado Tomatillo. CosMc's has no dining rooms, and features digital ordering and a drive-thru, jumping on the trend of today's preference for quick, convenient service, combined with quality offerings. 

Mixing their fast-food heritage with an evolving café landscape, McDonald’s is stepping into uncharted waters. Will they make a dent in Starbucks’s market share? Only time will tell.

Have you tried CosMc’s yet? Let us know what you thought!

For more on CosMc's, visit McDonald's corporate website, and for additional insights, check out the recent NPR article.

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