I visited the Museum of Clean in Idaho

I visited the Museum of Clean in Idaho

On a recent road trip through Idaho, my 48th state visited, I stumbled across the Museum of Clean. Being in the cleaning industry, I figured I had to stop in to take a look. And boy was it an experience!

The first thing I noticed was just how huge the museum was. First off, it has over 500 vacuum cleaners. 

It had an exhibit on the Great Pacific garbage patch (not sure if that’s the official term).

As I made my way down to the basement, where there was yet another display of vacuum cleaners, I ran into the founder of the museum, Don Aslett, telling some kids about them.


Don is a bit of a celebrity in the cleaning space, authoring over 40 books and even appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show. It was so fun to meet someone so passionate about cleaning.  He was so welcoming and friendly, especially after I told him I was in the cleaning business as well. I had a long chat with him and he posed for a photo with me:

One of the best parts of traveling to places is you make discoveries like this. I hope to build a niche museum someday!

If you’re ever in Idaho, check out the Museum of Clean!



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