BTS Sunright boba shop

BTS Sunright boba shop

As a small business owner, I love to play the game of "how much money does this place make" a lot. We take guesses at how many products they sell, how much money they make per hour/day/year, and the margins they bring in.

Boba tea shops are all the rage in Southern California, and they're starting to take hold across the US. I pay $5 for a product that's mostly water, so I've always wondered how much a shop makes. (To be fair, The Bucko Soap Scum Cleaner is also mostly water). 

We found a great behind the scenes look by LA Eater at a busy day at a Sunright Tea Shop in LA (I just happened to be at one as I create this email).

Take a guess as to how many drinks they sold on a busy Saturday, and see how close you came: 

Step Inside a Busy Day at a Popular Southern California Boba Shop
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