We read bad reviews for PandaBoard Bamboo Fiber straws

We read bad reviews for PandaBoard Bamboo Fiber straws

 And finally... bad reviews for our newest products, PandaBoard Bamboo Fiber Straws. Since our straws as so new, we only have 48 total ratings for it on Amazon for a total rating of 4.4 stars. 

Here are some of the good ones to start, just to get us in the right frame of mind:

Wow I'm impressed

"I thought we'd never find a straw that meets all our family's needs. This one doesn't taste like paper, it doesn't fall apart, feels super natural and is apparently biodegradable and compostable. And it's so much cheaper than reusable straws!"

These are great!

"These are great ! I got them for my Daily Harvest smoothies and my homemade boba teas. They hold up but you can tell they are environmentally friendly because they’ll eventually soften. And they are big enough that they don’t get clogged." 

 And now to humble us (and to learn how we can improve), we looked for our bad reviews. I only found one 1 star review, and then had to go to a 3 star review. Of course we think we have a great product, but it's also because it's relatively new and we don't have that many total reviews. Anyways, here's our one star review: 

Tastes like wood

"The straw is good but it has an unpleasant taste and texture"

I think it depends on what you're comparing it to. I think we're all used to plastic, which we don't think tastes like anything. For me, it's got a better taste and texture than paper, but yes I can see that it's different than a plastic straw.

Our three star review:

Little pricey

"Great product I would consider using again if price drops"

Our straws definitely are more expensive than plastic straws. There are so many more plastic straws made that it's gotten really cheap. Hopefully, as more bamboo straws are being used, the price will come down. Especially because bamboo grows a lot really fast.

Thanks for checking out our blog series on bad reviews! As always, we think we have great products and we hope you enjoy them, but we're always looking to improve where we can and they may not be a fit for everyone. 

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