A note from our founder, and getting stuff back in stock

A note from our founder, and getting stuff back in stock

Dear The Bucko and Regal Beagle friends,


First, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. Every day, I think about the people suffering, the ones working hard to help them and the rest of us, and small businesses and their employees as we all try to fight this thing. 

Before this all hit, we were working on re-designing and updating our website, and adding the Regal Beagle® name. We figured that’d be a great tribute to our namesake dog, Bucky the Beagle, who passed away after 15 long and happy years last year.

Our website is now regalbeagle.biz. Our soap scum cleaner will still be called The Bucko, but everything else on our website will be Regal Beagle. If you haven’t seen it in a while, check it out, you’ll be surprised. 

We as a company are doing a lot better than other industries, which are getting hit hard. I try hard to support my local restaurants that are still open (in California we are on a “safer at home” situation, with everything closed down except for takeout).

However, as you might have noticed, all of our Flairosol sprayers and replacement trigger sprayers are out of stock. That’s because of three things:


1. The demand has gone way up (people are cleaning a lot more)
2. Our supplier has stopped operations out of safety for their employees
3. Amazon, whose shipping network we use to send our packages, has temporarily stopped accepting inventory to focus on essential items.


I totally understand and support the decisions made by our supplier and Amazon, we all need to do what it takes. We are working to find alternate means to get more trigger sprayers and Flairosol bottles in stock. We should be able to get at least two sizes of the Flairosol and the white trigger sprayers in stock in about a week.

If you’d like to be contacted when things are back in stock, go to the product listing and hit the “Notify Me When Available” button and let us know your email address. We’ll send you a note when the product is available.



Also, if there are any products that you’re having trouble finding (other than the obvious toilet paper and disinfectants), please let us know and we’ll see what we can do. 

We very much appreciate your business, but please go support your local small businesses who are getting hit hard and the men and women on our front lines.

And take the right steps to take care of yourself and everyone else as we fight this thing. 



The Bucko and Regal Beagle founder

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