5 Creative Ways to Use the Flairosol Fine Mist Sprayer

5 Creative Ways to Use the Flairosol Fine Mist Sprayer

We at Regal Beagle are pretty proud of the Flairosol Fine Mist Sprayer. It’s easy to use and versatile! While some of the benefits we’ve shared include home cleaning, gardening, and pets, there are many who have used the flairosol in other creative ways.

We’ve compiled a series of videos featuring creative uses of the flairosol by people like you! Check them out below—

  1. Use it for full, controlled coverage when wetting your curly hair

What’s the difference between using the flairosol versus a generic spray bottle for your hair? Lifestyle blogger Rosie Cheung does a side-by-side comparison in her YouTube video.

Rosie says that unlike the generic spray bottle, which leaves her hair “soaking wet at the bottom” and not “evenly spray[ed] on,” the flairosol’s continuous spray allows for full coverage of her hair and control over how wet she wants her hair to be.

  1. Use it to create fun and creative effects on your painting

Julie from Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff demonstrates how the flairosol’s continuous spray function opens up many possibilities for you to get creative with your painting (especially if you’re a fan of watercolor). 

Douse the painting with “tons and tons of water” and watch how the paint “just goes, and goes, and goes.” See how many washes and effects you can create on the fly when you use the flairosol on your painting.

  1. Use it to protect your motorcycle from corrosion

Adventure X demonstrates how the flairosol “worked quite well” in his application of ACF50—a spray that offers protection from corrosion—on his motorcyle.

  1. Use it to clean your horse and your riding gear

In this soothing video, a horse ranch uses the flairosol in many ways to care for their horses and their riding gear. Take advantage of the flairosol’s continuous spray to give your horse a relaxing mist, or use it to cleanse your saddle without fear of putting too much moisture on it.

  1. Use it to take care of your indoor (or outdoor) garden.

Techplant calls the flairosol the “greatest hand mister I’ve ever used in my life.” He compares the flairosol and the traditional spray bottle when taking care of his indoor greenhouse. He compliments the flairosol’s continuous spray and notes that he is even able to water his orchid’s aerial roots. With the old sprayer, the water “kind of just blasts it and goes everywhere but the roots.”

Want your own flairosol? You can purchase them here.

Got your own creative way of using the flairosol? Let us know in the comments or email us at contact@thebucko.com!

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