5 interesting uses for fine mist sprayers (#5 is from Squid Game)

5 interesting uses for fine mist sprayers (#5 is from Squid Game)

What are fine mist sprayers?

Fine mist sprayers, like The Bucko Fine Mist Sprayers, are pumps but spray a fine mist like an aerosol instead of a stream like a normal sprayer. You might have heard of them under the brand Flairosol. With a short pump, the mist starts and stops with your pump. If you pump it a few times, it will mist continuously until about a second after you stop pumping. The whole time, it gives an even, controlled fine mist.

What can you use The Bucko Fine Mist Sprayers on?

Here are four ways people are using fine mist sprayers:

1. Thick and curly hair

Our fine mist sprayers work on any hair, but really well on hair of people of African and Asian descent, especially Asians with curly hair. Rosie Chuong, founder of API Curls, demonstrates our sprayer for thick, curly hair compared to a regular spray bottle.

2. Car wax

Scott with Dallas Paint Correction and Auto Detailing is a fan of the fine mist sprayer for spray waxing cars. He talks about how other spray bottles leave too much wax on the surface where you have to wipe most of it off. But with the fine mist spray bottle:

"When you apply spray wax, you want a misting on the panel. Buff to absolute perfection. This bottle is so effective, so efficient, I can get 4 or 5 cars out of this bottle." 


3. Art/painting

The fine mist sprayers are great for painting, Julie from Cheap Joe's Art Stuff describes. "It's fun, it's great to use, and it's interesting to use for creating washes and effects on the fly while you're painting." 

I had to look up what a paint wash was, and found out that it's thinned out paint they use to give a "water color" appearance to a painting. If there are any artists out there that can comment on this, please do so!

 4. Houseplants

People love using our fine mist sprayers on houseplants. You can find our sprayers for sale at many plant shops. This video from Techplant demonstrates how a fine mist sprayer is great for plants:

"You can see how nice and even it is on the plant, you can see how the water just sits perfectly. My old sprayer just kind of blasts it and it goes everywhere but the plant."

Note: The spray bottle in this video isn't the same as ours. Ours actually sits without wobbling.

5. To make it look like you're sweating on Squid Game

Apparently fine mist sprayers like ours have made it to Hollywood (or the Korean version of Hollywood at least). Check out how a fine mist sprayer was used on the show Squid Game (after the director yells "cut"):

Where to get your fine mist sprayers

We have three sizes of fine mist sprayers, a mini 5 oz, the regular 10 oz, and a jumbo 24 oz. Take a look here if you'd like your own!



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