Pandaboard Bamboo Fiber Straws DRAFT

Straws that decompose AFTER you use it

Compostable, biodegradable bamboo fiber and plant starch

Doesn't turn to mush or taste like paper in drinks

Available in boba to cocktail sized and everything in between

Truly Compostable and Biodegradable

Certified compostable within 6 months in normal temperatures. Other "green" materials actually only decompose at very high temperatures. Plastic doesn't decompose for centuries.

From boba tea to cocktails

Comes in boba/smoothie size (12 mm), cocktail straw size (4 mm), and just regular drink size (6 mm).

Durable and tasteless

Doesn't turn to mush or soften in your drinks like paper straws will. Can be washed and re-used multiple times. No paper taste.

Sustainable. Bamboo Grows Like Weeds.

Made from bamboo fiber and plant starch. 100% natural. Bamboo plants can grow 30 inches a day.

What people are saying:


"I thought we'd never find a straw that meets all our family's needs. This one doesn't taste like paper, it doesn't fall apart, feels super natural and is apparently biodegradable and compostable. Pretty incredible. I hate using disposable plastic so this fits the bill so well! And it's so much cheaper than reusable straws!"

Borebore on


"Perfect big straws. They have a cool bamboo texture and feel solid. Toddler did not chew it off or shut it closed like paper straws. No smell or taste of any kind. I’d be really impressed if a boba shop served with these. "

OneCent on


"We’re proud to announce we have chosen bamboo fiber as the base for our new biodegradable straws across stores, starting with San Francisco and eventually across all of our Boba Guys locations."

Boba Guys

Straw comparison

Bamboo fiber straws are the best combination of durability, cost, and eco-friendliness of all the available materials out there.

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How Pandaboard straws are made:

1. Bamboo plants are harvested. Leaves and branches are removed.

2. Bamboo is ground into powder, disinfected, and sterilized.

3. Bamboo powder is mixed with plant fiber solution.

4. Bamboo/plant fiber mixture is molded into shape and cut.

5. Straws are then dried and packed for shipment

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