Making dirty, grimy tubs like new again with The Bucko

Making dirty, grimy tubs like new again with The Bucko

Frustrated with the stubborn grime and soap scum in your tub? You're not alone. Many of our customers have shared their struggles with tubs that they were almost ready to give up on and how they used The Bucko to make them like new again. Many times they were able to clean their tubs with minimal scrubbing. Since The Bucko is only lightly scented, and free of bleach and harsh chemicals, it wasn’t a bad experience. Here’s a guide on using The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner on your bathtubs!


What to use The Bucko for:

  • Tackling Soap Scum: Bucko effectively breaks down and removes layers of soap scum that accumulate over time. It's particularly useful for bathrooms that see frequent use, easily cutting through the filmy residue left by soap and shampoo.
  • Eliminating Stubborn Bathtub Rings: For tubs with visible rings caused by long-term water and soap buildup, Bucko has been shown to be effective. It helps to dissolve these rings, restoring the tub's original look.
  • Dealing with Hard Water Stains: In areas with hard water, mineral deposits can leave unsightly stains on tub surfaces. Bucko is noted for its ability to tackle these hard water spots, helping to keep your tub looking clean and stain-free.

What kind of tubs:

  • Fiberglass Tubs: A popular choice for their lightweight design, fiberglass tubs can be prone to staining and scratching. Users have found Bucko highly effective in lifting tough bathtub rings and grime, all without damaging the surface.
  • Ceramic Tubs: Known for their durability, ceramic tubs, although resistant to wear, are not immune to soap scum and stains. Bucko’s formula works wonders on ceramic surfaces without harming the finish.
  • Acrylic Tubs: Acrylic tubs are loved for their high-gloss, luxurious appearance. Despite being non-porous and stain-resistant, they can accumulate grime. Bucko cleans these surfaces effectively while maintaining their luster.
  • Textured Surfaces: Textured tub bottoms, designed for safety, pose a unique cleaning challenge. Bucko has been successful in reaching and cleaning these tricky areas, leaving them spotless and safe.

How to use The Bucko on your tub:

  1. Prepare Your Tub: Remove any personal items and rinse the tub to get rid of loose dirt.
  2. Apply Bucko Cleaner: Generously spray Bucko onto the tub’s surface, focusing on areas with tough stains or soap scum.
  3. Let It Sit: Allow the cleaner to work its magic. For light cleaning, a few minutes should work. For tougher stains, letting it sit for up to an hour may help its effectiveness.
  4. Scrub If Needed: Depending on the severity of the grime, some light scrubbing with a nonabrasive brush or even a powered spin scrubber can help lift stubborn stains.
  5. Rinse and Enjoy: Rinse off the cleaner to reveal a sparkling clean tub. Repeat if necessary for exceptionally tough grime.

Pro Tips 

  • Multiple Applications: For older or tougher stains, consider applying Bucko multiple times.
  • Right Tools for the Job: Use non-abrasive pads, soft brushes, sponges, or powered spin scrubbers. These tools are particularly helpful on textured surfaces and for tackling stubborn stains and grime.
  • Safety First: Although The Bucko does not contain bleach, acid, or harsh chemicals, you might want to make sure your work area is well ventilated and consider wearing gloves for skin protection just to be safe.
  • Regular Maintenance: Regular applications can prevent buildup and make cleaning sessions quicker and more effective.


Here are some actual quotes from our reviews:

"I cannot believe how well this product worked!!! We’ve tried probably 3 or 4 other products to try to put a dent in our horrible tub scum! No luck. I ordered this product as a last ditch attempt, and I can’t believe it. Our tub looks like new!!! I let the product sit for a while, and then I did have to scrub lightly with a rough sponge and hot water, but the scum just came right off and washed away! Some other products we tried had horrible chemical smells, but this one didn’t. I couldn’t recommend this product enough!!"

Lm14 on


"Let me start by saying that I am truly embarrassed for allowing my tub to look this way, but I just couldn’t find the right cleaner (or elbow grease) to get it completely clean. This product is a MIRACLE and so easy to use. Not strong smelling either! Just add it to your cart already, you will not be dissatisfied"

Michaela on


Best of luck on restoring your tub or just keeping your current tub clean! Please share your before and after pictures with us!      

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i live in a apartment and it doesnt have a bathtub so i bought a acrylic bathtub that fit right in the shower. Bucko is the only thing i use to clean it. i tried a few other cleaners for it but bucko works the best on it.

Cristina Knapp

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