Make Glass Shower Doors Sparkle Again with The Bucko

Are your glass shower doors cloudy or fogged up? The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner can help. Many happy customers have discovered it removes built-up soap scum and makes shower glass clear again. 




Here's how to use Bucko on your glass shower doors:

  1. Spray Bucko directly on the glass and let it penetrate the soap scum buildup.
  2. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. For really tough grime, some customers recommend letting it sit even longer before wiping. 
  3. Wipe away the loosened scum using a wet microfiber cloth or sponge, working top to bottom.
  4. Rinse with water to get that like new shine!

The Bucko works well with scummed up glass shower doors that look a little foggy or unclear. If the scum has turned into hard particles, you may want need a stronger, acidic product. 

What Customers Are Saying:

As K. Struthers shared, "Sprayed on my shower doors in camper. We have really hard water. Looks new now!"

Joi Nahidi exclaimed, "THIS IS IT. Spray and walk away for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse, and you're done! You could use Windex afterward, but it's not necessary. Do it weekly to keep hard water stains away from your heavy shower doors."

Another Amazon Customer raved, "This stuff? I sprayed it twice and let it sit for fifteen minutes or so each time before wiping it off. The scum and grime CAME OFF! For the first time since I've been in this house, my shower actually looks clean without having to resort to using power tools. It's the cleanest and shiniest I've ever seen it. I can't recommend this product enough if you need something for tough grime."




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The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner

Remove soap scum and grime with no bleach, no harsh chemicals, and the light scent of lemon water. Great for bathtubs, glass shower doors, sinks, toilets, and more. 

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